My first month in Honduras has already been very exciting! On the first day of December, SEPE (MEDA’s seminary program) had this year’s graduation and sent out another class of pastors prepared to take the gospel further throughout Central America. The week after the graduation, one of the graduates named Noah got married, and I had the privilege of being one of the groomsmen. It was an amazing service that was completely Christ centered. While all of the groomsmen were waiting for the wedding to start, Noah broke the silence by telling us how good God has been to him. He explained how he had to just trust the Lord in moving from El Salvador to Honduras at the age of 19 to take classes at MEDA and now trusting the Lord in the big step of marriage. Getting to know Noah over the years and to see how the Lord has been preparing him to be a pastor has been amazing, and it is encouraging to know that these are the kinds of men that are graduating from SEPE each year.

I am settling nicely into my new home, but finding that I am learning the struggles (or blessings) of moving out on my own and not having all the utensils, kitchenware, and accommodations I had while living with my parents. The Lord is good and I am able to find all that I need here with little trouble. During the next few weeks I will be watching the facilities as the two other missionary families are spending Christmas and New Years with family in the States. Thankfully, I will not be alone. There is a wonderful Cuban couple that recently moved here so that the husband Leo can attend SEPE. It has been a blessing spending time with them learning what the Lord is doing in Cuba, and it has been good practice for my Spanish as they do not know any English.

Please pray for…

  • The transition of moving.
  • Residency.
  • Support.
  • That I continue to live a life that displays Christ.

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